Comment notre bibliothèque Chatbots aide votre entreprise?

1. Customer Service If you don’t want your customer to wait for answers from operators, then our Chatbot Library service is the best option for you. To answer customers’ questions your operator doesn’t need to scroll dozens of instruction pages. Our Chatbot can find and give instant answers in an automatic way.

2. Shopping Process Our Chatbot Library can send the correct information to the sales executive automatically. The sales executives just need to write their requirements on the Chatbot. Besides, the operators don’t need to repeat any action, because our chatbot can remember your preferences when you return.

3. Garantir un taux de réponse de 100% Il est difficile pour une entreprise de répondre à toutes les questions des clients à partir de vos pages Facebook. Nous proposons un système Chatbot efficace capable de répondre à tous les messages des membres de votre page Facebook.

4. Reduce employees’ workload Most of your customers may ask the same questions, such as your place? Your Services? How you deliver services/products? Instead of writing the same answers, our Chatbot can help you by providing automatic answers to the customers. It can cut heavy workload of your employees.