“Create uniquely”

ARTSTRIA is a full-fledged production and post-production studio specializing in corporate videos, Motion graphics, 3D & 2D animation, editing, visual effects, 3D visualization for architecture & events.

Our studio creates video contents for the businesses, the cinema, the TV series, the advertising or the digital one, to finalizing projects with color grading, sound mixing and in-house CGI capabilities.

We are passionate about every pixel. We utilize all the latest software tools and committed to providing the high-end quality and a unique vision.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, also known as infographics, play a big role in highlighting & describing your service or business in few minutes effective marketing video. we’re conceptual as much as we are visual, which means we focus just as much on the idea behind as we do on creating outstanding visual pieces, all through creative animation. Explainer videos will be shared in social networks, websites & for email marketing to grow your business.

Motion Graphics

The Motion Graphic design services we offer make clever usage of animation technologies and video footage that can function as great video openers or promotional trailers that draw the audiences in and keep them engaged.

Visual Effects

Our VFX artists are talented, passionate and unwavering in their commitment to produce outstanding results in 2D VFX, 3D VFX, compositing, matte painting, FX animation and so on for any media platform that you desire.

we create Visual Effects to expand the imaginative possibilities of storytelling through our convincing and compelling work.

Our Post-Production team sets themselves apart by combining the latest cutting-edge software with creative talent. The artists are trained on, and excel in Maya, Fusion, 3D Equalizer, and After Effects.

Creating Visual Effects like digital matte paintings, set extensions, digital crowds, and computer-generated characters, enhances the filmed reality and is presented seamlessly to the viewer. Other Visual Effects we generate, such as Rotoscoping and 3-D animation, creates a realm of excitement by complementing live action with fantasy.

Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

ARTSTRIA is fully capable of handling this process-intensive task of Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying so your Production team can utilize the time on the more creative aspects of the project.


Compositing aligns all assets together to bring the final shot to life. Our experienced 2D and 3D compositing professionals understand the creativity and proficiency required for international VFX projects. ARTSTRIA delivers superior Blue/Green screen extraction, chroma key, paint and set extension solutions to clients across the globe.

Film Editing

ARTSTRIA studios uses Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut as tools for editing. However, it is our superior editors that are really our greatest asset.

These artists diverse training spans from feature film and documentary editing to editing music videos, TV spots, movie trailers, motion graphics, and corporate videos, as well as journalism, live events, experiential design, and reality TV.

Color Grading

ARTSTRIA Studios video finishing services are the last step before final delivery. Color grading and correction are key components to making your project visuals feel cohesive.

Adjusting your video’s color as a whole is just the beginning. Our artists also focus on specific issues such as removing or adding shadows. Before completing the project, we manipulate the colors to maintain visual continuity.

Through understanding your vision, the staff at ARTSTRIA Studios establishes a uniform tone of brightening, saturating, and modifying colors. By using DaVinci resolve, our Artists creates videos that will flawlessly display your dream.

Animation 2D/3D

2D Animation

The 2D animation team at Visual Connections can bring to life any inanimate characters in your 2D motion production through vibrant character designs and lovable environments.

3D Animation

Ranging from short films & documentaries to full-length feature films, we are capable of delivering impactful 3D Animation services on your corporate training videos, TV advertisements, Web series and more.

Character Animation

Impeccably done character animation is what makes any animated content captivating. Our expert animators use industry-standard tools such as Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS MAX, etc, to bring to life beautifully modeled characters.

Product Simulations

We can create very effective and detailed 3D interactive product demonstrations through carefully crafted and detailed 3D Animations. Our simulation models help you in virtual prototyping and saving on manufacturing costs.

Animation is an integral part of creating a game art, films and design that captivates the players. The team at ARTSTRIA consists of technically proficient animators, who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of animation. All our animators and riggers follow industry standards to ensure smooth outputs and seamless animation flows. Our animation studios offer both 3D as well as 2D animation services.

Our animators animate the control points from the rig to provide animated movement to the 3D characters, vehicles or any 3d props.
Our clients very much appreciate the patience and attention to detail which we inculcate into our animation process.

They have also developed a strong liking for our creativity and imagination skills in this process. These animations are done as per the requirements and later exported into the game engines.

Final 2D Spine Animation

This is one of the most popular forms of animation for 2D games. This is an process which we usually use for mobile games which require large number of animations. Animation has been a main aspect for mobile games throughout the history of mobile game development. Our animators create a basic skeleton and manipulate bones in different parts, directions with the intention to model various poses and imitate movement.

Being an efficient process this results in lighter animation for mobile & web platforms and works well for 2D Game development.

Final Animations

This is one of the traditional animation methods. The character images are created by our artists, later teams make different poses of the character in each frame along with particle animation. Our 2D frame animators are highly skilled and hence execute this animation process effortlessly

Why work with us:

  • As one of the reputed 3D animation studios, we’ve created spectacular art assets for our games
  • Some of our art assets have been lauded by our clients very much.
  • Our standards are on par with the best artists in the industry.
  • On time delivery