Internet of Things (IOT)

Our expertise team who can work with diverse enterprises, providing each client with a customized solution for their internet of things requirements. We fix bugs, suggesting new improvements, expanding available features, solving performance issues of the system, and restoring systems to create a new IoT architecture as well. We customize machine to machine traffic for the clients to ensure high operability and productivity. ARTSTRIA approach to develop Internet of Things design is based on three pillars — consistency, flexibility and integration. We believe in providing attention to detail — therefore, developing systems are detailed and professionally integrated to perform as a consistently competent product. The systems developed by our team are also extremely industry specific to ensure extreme functionality and integrate industry trends into the product. The resulting flexibility in our design principles allows us to make products that are specific to the needs of clients.

Our focus is to help industrial OEMs, System integrators, IoT platform vendors to unlock business value from IoT by :

• Helping in defining IoT implementation strategy and roadmap

• Ensuring smooth migration to achieve IoT enablement (for both legacy as well as new products)

• Utilizing power of real-time monitoring and control for smart decision making