Artstria Architecture

“Cutting edge structures”

ARTSTRIA Architecture integrates the architectural plan and interior design with the idea and research method that promotes high-end design and suitable concepts with a deep understanding of clients’ needs.

Architectural plan

Conceptual design in the DNA of our firm, where our architects are passionate about creating an art of living from the land. The moment when imagination and inspiration transform into an accessible reality based on needs, space and budget. Our team performs a thorough site scan to capture the project environment and surrounding context.

Interior Design

We take a combined approach to interior design, with the combined force of experts, interior designers, architects, environmental graphic designers, researchers, anthropologists and more to create places that delight, heal and stimulate cutting-edge performance. Whether it’s inventing interior designs for restaurants, offices with the following brand styles, envisioning chic environments for a boutique hotel, or taking an ethnographic approach to the workplace design and home interiors, our holistic approach leads to interior design with measurable impact.